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This is my pride and joy, and main desktop machine. Meet CARBOMB.
(some of these pictures are slightly color-corrected, I'll try to put some better ones up soon)

I put the older pictures (pre-watercooling) HERE

Specs fluctuate a little, but here's a basic rundown of the system:

Fong Kai FK-320
Abit KT7A-100 review
AMD Thunderbird 1400mhz Socket A processor
3 modules of pc133 RAM (512*3=1536mb total) I bought from here
GeForceFX 5200 with 64MB DDR RAM
Sound Blaster Live! Sound Card
RealTek Network Card
Hauppage BT898 Win/TV Tuner Card
Adaptec 2940 50-pin SCSI Card
Western Digital 60GB ATA-133 Hard Drive (system disk)
Western Digital 80GB ATA-133 caviar SE Hard Drive (data disk)
Samsung DVD/CDRW 48x48x16x ATAPI combo Drive
HP SureStore DAT 8 SCSI Tape Drive (4gb compressed/2gb uncompressed)
Iomega SCSI Zip100 Drive

The Watercooling Equipment:

Danger Den Maze 3 Waterblock with 3/8" fittings
Black Ice Pro 120mm Radiator
Eheim 1048 Aquarium Pump with 3/8" fittings