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This has been a project of mine for almost a year (mostly because I am easily sidetracked). Meet STINGER.

System Specs:

Quantex AT Server Case
Abit BP6 Dual processor Motherboard
Dual FCPGA Celeron 400mhz processors (OC'd to 500's)
Netgear FA310 Blue PCB network card
Ensoniqe ES1371 Audio (commonly known as SB16 PCI)
3 128mb modules of pc133 RAM (384mb)
ATI RAGE 128 32mb AGP Video Card
Yamaha 40x SCSI CDROM
Lite-On 48x ATAPI CDRW
Generic Floppy drive
20gb Maxtor IDE hard drive
8.4gb Quantum IDE hard drive

I'm sure you are yawning now, (I am), but this was built as a gift to my girlfriend mostly out of spare parts, it still is probably four times as powerful as the emachine it replaced.