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Here's something I'd like to slap on bumpers across America. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@08:25; 18-Jul-2002

I was recently directed to, by the goons at the forums.

Update:: This thread has been turned into a "comedy goldmine" article at You can't see the whole thread without subscribing, but you can see a selection HERE.

I see this, and my gears get turning. Hilarity ensues

First thing that pops in my mind.

There are some more HERE
No Internet and no Electricity make Dave go something something :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@12:48; 14-Jun-2002

I sincerely apologise for the lack of updates, but I'm preparing to enter a simulated combat environment with the Army National Guard.

I will be gone for a full two weeks starting Friday, June 14, and will not be back until July 1st or 2nd.

During this time I will be eaten alive by mosqitos and other insects, tromping through mud, wearing about 65 pounds of clothing and gear, baked in the summer sun without any internet access or even electricity....All the while pretending I could be under attack at any moment. Not to mention all the dirty hard work I'll have to do. Yearly I refer to these two weeks as my "waking dream" because I never get any sleep.

I promise I will spend a good chunk of time that following week updating this website because I have been working on lots of cool stuff; incuding:

A watercooled power supply (teaser pic HERE)
Updating and upgrading Carbomb (teaser HERE)
Stealthed Floppy drive bezels for Lian-Li cases (sorry no teaser)
And just some general cool stuff.

Really, thanks for visiting my site. Your input means a lot to me.
My mundane life spent playing stratego at home :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@02:33; 31-may-2002

Sorry about no updates in a while, I got an article ready to go about watercooling my power supply, but I've been too busy to actually write the html. Hopefully I'll up it before the weekend is over.

I wouldn't even be updating now, but I know you just HAVE to see THIS
If idiots could fly, this place would be an airport. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@12:33; 21-may-2002

Finally! I finished my long-time Project:STINGER, just in time for the my girlfriend's visit last weekend. And now the writeup is done too. Check it out HERE.

Also, I added another Domo-kun to my growing collection of GIMP art HERE

"play with it pal, but don't talk to it." :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@19:55; 16-may-2002

A couple of half-assed articles today, but at least there are a few of them.

I made 2 new pictures for my Domo Page.

I modified my volcano6cu Heatsink with a 120mm fan, check it HERE.

I also finally got all my Watercooling stuff together and put it in CARBOMB, and wrote up a blurb on it with some pics HERE

I'm also on the verge of finishing STINGER, go ahead and check out its progress, I think you'll be pleased.

Domo Origato! :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@05:17; 15-may-2002

This picture has been making its rounds on the internet, and has inspired this tread over at [H]ardOCP: Domo Kun Chop Thread

Click Here to see it

I spent a little while working with the GIMP to add my two cents.

Check it out HERE.

Don't ask.
Like a rhinestone cowboy. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@15:22; 10-may-2002

Bah! I've been busy.

My DangerDen order got screwed up and after a month of waiting, UPS says my block should be here on monday.

In anticipation, I built a nice custom reservoir for the water system.

Check it out HERE.

Do you know what time it is? It's beer o'clock! :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@23:32; 02-may-2002

Well, I finally finished transcribing my drunkenly scrawled notes from when me and Blake went to the Lafayette Brewing Company.

Every time we go, we can't think of what to get, so we get the sampler. But we can never remember the next day which ones were good.Well, here's THE DEFINITIVE REVIEW of all the beers in their sampler. I know I'm printing out a copy next time I go.

Most of the world may not care, but those in the Lafayette / West Lafayette area should head over there and sample their fine brews.
Posted by: Unixmonkey@08:51; 02-may-2002

Sorry about the lack of updates lately...I'm one Final Exam away from summer.

But I wanted tell you guys that I always fill out those little cards that come in the box when you buy a PC video game, and write in
"I bought this game to use in LINUX with WINE (, please consider a native port.".

Well, Valve Software, the makers of Half-Life have put up the results of all those little cards HERE Look closely at the last category, "Windows Version". That's me, "Unknown".

Which leads me to a little bit of a rant.

The game Half-Life is probably THE killer app for WINE. Of all the linux people that want to play Half-Life, why am I the only one to return a customer survey? Am I the only one who PAID for the game? Am I the only Linux gamer that doesn't dual boot?

Anyway, I support Linux gaming. Its too bad Loki went under, I believe that if they stuck it out 2 more years, they'd have an empire (That is if they kept Scott Draeker away from the books).

Windows games I run with Wine or Transgaming's WineX: Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Deus Ex, Unreal, Fallout, Fallout2, Max Payne.

Some people say WINE is what will kill linux's chance on the desktop. I say those people are full of shit, Linux can stand on its own, but there will always need to be a way to support legacy software, otherwise companies like VMware wouldn't be mega-rich.

Get the power up and win the game!
Rehab is for quitters. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@16:40; 24-apr-2002

The automobile cathode mod is up. View it HERE.

Go ahead and read won't take long.

My stuff from DangerDen has yet to come. I'm starting to get annoyed.

Summer is coming, and I'm looking for some some part-time or contract work, so I spiffed up the old resume, so for those of you that don't care; try really hard not to read My Resume.

What would Bryan Boytano Do? :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@16:40; 24-apr-2002

I'm still pretty stoked about the watercooling project, and I *should* have my stuff arrive today, and the bag-o-electronics project is going pretty well, but I've hit a snag, and I'm going to have one of my EE friends look it over for mistakes.

I went to Tennesee this weekend, and I'll probably put pics up in the next couple of days.

I modded an auto cold cathode tube for MACSE, look for that article by tomorrow (or maybe tonight).

I also changed out the LEDs on a pair of floppy drives for someone at the newsgroup I wrote up an article on it HERE

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."
- Ozzy Osbourne
Look how far we've evolved. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@23:59; 17-apr-2002

Well, I've finally gone and done it. Tonday I bring you IOPENER.

Seven pages of goodness, but a lot of the pictures are a little fuzzy because my camera doesn't like to focus on objects less than a foot away, and there is a lot of intricate work here.

If you squint a little it will look fine......buahaaha!, who am I kidding?

Don't worry, its clear enough, and as always, you can click on a picture to get the full size, full glory pictures.

And yesterday I ordered a bag of electronics gear for a little project. If I don't screw it up too bad, I'll have enough parts to make 4 of them, two of which I will be using. The other two I will GIVE AWAY!

But its hush-hush uber-secret stuff, and I have yet to come up with a contest idea. Stay posted.
Opening the Floodgates. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@12:07; 16-apr-2002

Sorry about no news for awhile, I've been busy and out of town for a lot of it.

I got a lot of new projects going on, so keep your eye here for them...It looks like a lot may be posted in a short period of time.

Things I'm working on:

Toolbox case, kinda standard fare as far as mods go, I just want to use it for a holding case while my working on other cases.

Much being done to CARBOMB, new holes, LED's and Soon to be Watercooled.

Project: STINGER is well underway and should be ready before May.

A little off-topic, I went the the Lafayette Brewing Company and sampled each of thier beers and wrote up a review of each of them. This is mostly just for me and my roommate because when we get there, we can never remember which beers were awesome (the Christmas Ale) or Horrible (the Eighty-Five).

For some filler blurbs, a power supply mod, a Tt Shim review, and I'll be modding some floppy drives for someone (my first customer), and Wiring up a Hitachi LCD.

Speaking of watercooling, I just spent about $90 at DangerDen on the New Maze3-1, I'm really excited about this one. It will be the final piece needed for my uber-secret watercooling experiment where I'll be comparing this new block with a homemade one and one given to me as payment for moving some of Don's Stuff. I also will compare the Black Ice Pro Radiator with a few others I have on hand.

I'm still trying to get time to break down and show you what I've done to my iopener.

I want to put in a feedback system or maybe even a forum, but until then I'm dedicating as my official feedback channel. I read it approx. 10 times a day.
I make art until somebody dies. :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@22:09; 10-apr-2002

Getting back to my Unix roots, I've posted an article explaining my modifications to ERWIN, the SGI o2 that could.

Its a good pictoral if you've never seen one of these inside out before, and how I fit a half-height harddrive into the tiny bastard.
Also how I made due without a hard-drive sled.

Read all about it HERE
How I learned to stop worrying and love the celeron :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@11:09; 04-apr-2002

Last week I had one of our servers apart and took the opportunity to sand them down to a shine
Read about my experiences Here.

In other news, my webalizer stats are now online Here.
PUGG LAN action :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@18:17; 01-apr-2002

I went to the PUGG.NET LAN party IX Friday night, and had a pretty decent time. I took carbomb and the few that noticed were really impressed that I was able to participate in all those games without Windows as my Operating System.

I even got drafted for a CounterStrike team, and not only did we get eliminated in the first round, but I also got the least amount of kills (4). I totally suck at CounterStrike. It's fun, though.

There were a few quite talented mods there, and I took some pictures.
Here they are.
Do it again? :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@18:17; 28-mar-2002

Boy, it sure has been a busy week, I've spent nearly every hour working on setting up a dialup VPN for the people I work for, and its been a learning experience, I'm only slightly more than upset that most of our setbacks were the result of faulty hardware. I guess that's what you get when you do something semi-important like this without any budget.

Enough of my rambling, remember that article about motherboard manufacturers removing the ps/2 ports? (look down 2 articles) Well, Joe posted excerpts from many of the emails he got HERE.
Lots of interesting opinions, though I admit after reading one, that an add-on card that was recognized by the bios would probably treat me just fine.

New on the php whipping front, I've put a hit counter on the front page, and on the first page of all my project pages to temporarily gauge the popularity of this site until I set up webalizer.

The weather has been pretty crappy (snow & wind), so I haven't been able to further prepare stinger as I had hoped to have it ready by the PUGG LAN party this friday.

I rocked them once 2 months ago, and I'm ready to DO IT AGAIN!!
Housekeeping! You want fresh towels? :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@17:23; 22-mar-2002

Just wanted you reader-dude's to know, I've been working on cleaning up things here.

I've been cleaning up dead links and rearranging my subdirectory arrangement and giving php a good whipping.
And since a lot of you complained about the broken link for My House being broken, well, not only is it fixed now, but now it is totally updated with recent (less than a week old) pictures.

And keep an eye right here for some new content, I'll try to get some picures up of my iopener and all Ive done to it. Then, perhaps, I'll get to showing off Erwin a bit more.


No more ps2? :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@09:32; 21-mar-2002

In response to Joe Citarella's question of whether or not I care about the removal of ps2 and serial ports from the ATX standard click here to see the article

" Abit will apparently introduce motherboards shortly that will eliminate PS2 and serial ports in favor of more USB connectors.
This has been a long time coming, and is inevitable.
But how big a deal is it to you?
While we did find PS2 to USB adapters, they seem to be pricey at the moment: $25 and up.
Of course, you could also replace your keyboard and (older) mouse.
Over the next year, you'll see the Abit boards (and probably others like it), and those that retain these ports.
Are PS2 and serial ports a big enough deal for you to choose a mobo with them over one that doesn't?
Presume the ones that don't have it boot, say, five to seconds faster. Would that change your mind?
Tell me what you think."

I care.

Here's the email I wrote back

Listen to me, you :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@01:25; 14-mar-2002

It's spring break, and I have been working hard on my current projects. I've almost finished the visible hard drive for MACSE, and have been working hard to make CARBOMB quiet. I've also started working on STINGER again, after nearly a year of not touching it.

What are you waiting for? New content! MAKE WITH THE CLICKING!!!

Listen to me, you!

You should poop on me! :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@13:25; 06-mar-2002

Well, after about 6 months of being down, is back up. Boy, am I glad. I've been working on all these case mods, and am hurting to show the world.

I even bought a digital camera I can't afford, and equipped it with a CF card I also can't afford. But by God, I NEED IT!. I've been cleaning up some of the html/php that drives this site, and trying to take halfway decent pictures of my computers for posting in the new "projects" section. Be sure to check that out, I've got a feeling that before long, that section will blow up and swallow the others like so many fish sticks. And then... I... Will be... a... MODDING SITE!! (AHH!, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!).

Keep in mind that Nothing I start ever gets finished (including this website), but I bet by telling the web how cool the stuff I'm working on is, then I'll be motivated to actually keep working on my various projects. So web, (yes, I'm talking to you) start bugging me to add content and take more/better pictures, fix bugs etc. I'm counting on my readers (yes, all 5 of you) to ride my ass for content.

Poop on me!

I wanna eat your children :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@13:25; 14-oct-2001

Making webpages may not be hard, but justifying spending hours building something that probably nobody else will ever see is kind of disheartening. But Alas!, I have found new reason to go on. It appears I have far too much computer junk that I may never even look at again. Sure, I love a house full of computers, and learning new systems and archetectures really has its advantages, but this is insane.

click here to see my house: my house

What a mess.

So buy my stuff! Click my stuff in the column to the left! Do it now peon!

I wanna eat your children.

Nothing New (not really) :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@03:38; 02-oct-2001

I'm just chillin checking out
I got posted a few days ago, if your're really interested, check out "Quarter Beer Nite at Pete's" Here.
I'm tired..going to bed.

Drunkatcollege is gone now, I'll try and find an old backup of the story, and I'll post it here.

Because sometimes an SP/2 just isnt enough :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@03:38; 02-oct-2001

I'm in a lab in the basement of the math science building typing this up, (my first real content for this site) and looking around me at the masses that come here on a regular basis to play lan games like half-life and starcraft while others are packed in looking to work on schoolwork..the lab is unusually full this night. Thursday, surely many of the summer courses offered here at Purdue University(TM) are giving thier first exams tomorrow morning. Students quietly whispering to each other pointing at bits of code on the screen or trying to figure out how to use a Macintosh(TM), since all the Windows(TM) boxes are filled...
I find comfort in the UltraSparc(TM) boxes that line the exterior of the lab, its probably just bad placement to have 6 of these in a lab that gets this full on a regular basis, but they don't scare me...and damn am I glad. No one sitting next to me, looking at what I'm working on. No one asking me Windows(TM) questions, and despite me not having an account on any of them...remote X sessions are quite speedy here.
I wouldn't even mind the gamers so much....if it weren't for the bursts of laughter or a lame interjection every 10 or so seconds. (Hey!, who's the blue Protiod that just shot me!; NO SURVIVORS!; I'm gonna wipe you out!)....hella annoying.
UnixMonkey.NET is now in full effect, and though really bare right now..hey, at least I'm finally working on it.

DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!! I will get this modem working if it kills me :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@22:46; 28-sep-2001

Working on one of my FreeBSD(TM) boxes for the past week just trying to get ppp working with a Multitech(TM) external 33.6 modem. damn, I miss having bandwidth. I'm convinced its not a problem with my ppp.conf...dropping to term and doing it all manually doesn't even work.
It's gotta be the Init 2 modem string...I used to have to put that in for it to work on a windows box and with wvdial and linux(TM). I can't for the life of me and all the man pages I've let my eyes bleed for find where to put an init2 string...and when I do that string manually to the modem, it returns OK, just like I'd just sent it a simple "AT"..but then it won't let me do any commands afterwards (ATDT would be nice) without me turning off the modem switch.
In my frustration, I remember wvdial had a place to put that string...I'll just use that to connect instead...fade to black.....
Fade to scene of me searching for wvdial, cut to scene of me clicking the link to its creator's BSD binaries. Cut to me editing the source to pull out the linuxism's....damn, still won't compile.
I miss my bandwidth.

I once knew a man who sold his soul in a coffee can on Ebay :
Posted by: Unixmonkey@20:19; 24-sep-2001

I gotta get started selling some stuff on Ebay(TM). I've been doing some odd work with my buddy Kingdong this summer, fixing up old sun(TM) boxes and Macs and soon will probably be working on NeXT and HP-UX systems. Fixing the computers and making them fit for online sale isn't the problem....getting off my ass and deciding what to say and how to say it in the description long to run it for, what to set the reserve at. These boxes aren't exactly top-of-the line. Quite the opposite, really. If I sell these at $20 bucks, I almost certainly am making a profit...and extras such as ram and a monitor would pad the sale nicely. I just dont like the idea of selling them online...shipping on some of these is probably more expensive than the box itself...I'd rather just sell to someone locally, but locally these things are really easy to come by, so probably no one would buy them.
I'll probably try really hard tomorrow to get them posted (that is, unless something else more important happens like, say, a job interview, a party, fixing ppp.conf, fixing a broken bicycle, and working on this site....all things I have slated to do tomorrow).
hmmmm....I wonder if I'll get even 50% of that done tomorrow....I wonder if I'll even get up before noon.