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My wife's stepdad got his tax check and handed over $1400 to me to build him "The best gaming computer you can get with this, minus a little for yourself".

Meet Project: :Delta Force:

System Specs:

Crappy generic case
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ retail (the stock heatsink is nice and quiet, too)
Abit KV8-Pro 1.1 with Uguru, onboard sound, Gigabit Ethernet
1gb (2x512mb) Corsair Value Select Pc3200 DDR400 CAS2.5 RAM
Nvidia BFG 6800OC 8xAGP Video card
Antec True380 Power Supply Unit
Western Digital JB 8mb Cache 80GB Hard Drive
Pioneer A09 DVD-RW
Green Lightning Effect Cold Cathode Tube
Standard Logitech Wired keyboard
Logitech MX510 wired gaming mouse (blue/black)
Viewsonic G810B Black 21" monitor .25 dot pitch diagonally, .21 dot pitch horizo ntally
and of course Windows XP home

This machine is built for speed and durability in just one specific game, but is flexible and powerful enough to handle anything out there currently and beyond.

As a socket 754 system with AGP, it may not be as upgradeable as a Socket 939 system with PCI-Express, but thinking of how long he has held his current system, upgradeablity is not a major concern. Some corners had to be cut slightly to work the monitor and the powerful video card in and to still stay under budget.

Read all about its construction in the following pages: