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I went to the PUGG.NET LAN party IX Friday night, and had a pretty decent time. I took carbomb and the few that noticed were really impressed that I was able to participate in all those games without Windows as my Operating System. I even got drafted for a CounterStrike team, and not only did we get eliminated in the first round, but I also got the least amount of kills (4). I totally suck at CounterStrike. It's fun, though.

Here's a couple of the computers I saw at PUGG.NET's LAN IX

Here's a nice coolermaster case

I really like these cube cases

Here's a really nice clean looking case. I wonder what brand that is? and a work-in-progress that has been sanded to its shiny stuff. Interesting note, this case looked exactly the same at PUGG Lan VIII. Slow progress, huh? Maybe he's going for the ghetto look, as evidenced by the dual monitor coolers that are duct-taped in place.

Here's a pretty handsome acrylic case. The owner told me it was hand made by him, even though it looks remarkably like one from www.clearpc.com. Some top-notch work here, but I thought it could use a little more creativity.

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