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My good friend and roommate often go downtown to the Lafayette Brewing Company for dinner and a couple of pints. (They have the best Portabello sandwiches!)

Only problem is, we can never remember which beers we really liked, and which ones sucked ass.

So here it is. We both got the sampler of 9 samples, each sample about 1/5 of a pint, and proceeded to rate each one...and provide a terse commentary.

The beers are rated -5 through 10, -5 being the most horrible liquid substance you can imagine being in your mouth, 10 being the holy grail itself spiked with hops and barley.

We would first sample the beer, and have a few sips/swigs until the sampler was about half full, then down the rest in one big gulp, hence the "Gulp Test".

Copper Top Rouche: Brownish-Red with a thick Head.

I gave it: 6.5
Blake gave it: 7
Average Score: 6.75
Notable Points: When the head dissoved, there were what seemed to be little chunks of something on top. It looked kindof like dirty shaving water. Tastes a lot like Killian's. Not much Aftertaste. Blake calls this a "smokin' beer". The downside to this beer is that it tastes almost exactly like Killian's, but is much more expensive.
Gulp Test: Probably the best gulp of the bunch.

Equinox: we started with the Equinox, one of their seasonal brews.

Comments: This one has a bit of a bite, but with almost no aftertaste
I gave it: 8
Blake gave it: 7.5
Average Score: 7.75
Notable Points: High alcohol content (possibly a heartburn beer for those of us with weak stomach linings)
Gulp Test: Passed

Digby's Irish Stout: A dark pint.

Comments: Reminds of Beamish.
I gave it: 6
Blake gave it: 6
Average Score: 6
Notable Points: Not thick like an oatmeal stout, no smell at all, we gave this one a 6 not because it is a bad beer, but because this one has the potential to be better.
Gulp Test: Passed

Piper's Scottish Ale: A darker light beer.

Comments: Comes with a lemon.
I gave it: 3.5
Blake gave it: 3.5
Average Score: 3.5
Notable Points: A bit tart, otherwise goes down smooth. This is the "Aftertaste" beer, the aftertaste is strong and far outweighs the taste, making the beer unchuggable.
Gulp Test: Didn't much like the gulp.

Whitetail Wheat: Very light in color.

Comments: Comes with a lemon.
I gave it: 2
Blake gave it: 0.5
Average Score: 1.25
Notable Points: The flavor of this beer lends heavily from the lemon rind that floats in it. We both thought that this beer was okay, but it "doesn't quite feel like beer" and is more akin to a lemon water. Upshot to this is there was absolutely no aftertaste.
Gulp Test: Of course it passed the gulp test, this stuff is water.

Eighty-Five: A kind of muddy orange color

I gave it: -7
Blake gave it: -5
Average Score: -6
Notable Points: "If you have killed your taste buds with a lifetime of alchoholism, the Eighty-Five is sure to still give you the bitter beer face." Incidentally this is the establishment's 2nd most popular beer, I think this says a lot about the Townies of Lafayette. Food does nothing to tame this aftertaste, as blake noted, "If high schoolers around the country were drinking this beer, no one would be in college". Also note our scale only goes to -5, and this beer still managed to average a -6.
Gulp Test: Blake says, "That was so foul". An instant head rush on gulp and a swimming feeling hit me immediately after.

Black Angus: a dark, thick, oatmeal stout

I gave it: 1.5
Blake gave it: 3
Average Score: 2.25
Notable Points: Minimal bite, Heavy with a lot of body. After the first sip, it is easy and smooth. Goes well with ketchup. It has a kind of "creep up on you" aftertaste. This is a Meal beer, meaning you probably get over 1/3rd of you daily calorie intake drinking one pint of this stuff. Have one, and you'll feel like you just had a 12oz steak and potatoes.
Gulp Test: "Oh, God, that was horrible"

Prophet's Rock: A slightly orange beer

I gave it: 7.5
Blake gave it: 5
Average Score: 6.25
Notable Points: Smooth, with minimal bite, and a not unpleasant aftertaste. This beer has got some really good flavor. Blake said he would have given it a 7 or 8, but it just had so much potential. With minor changes this could be THE brew at the brewpub.
Gulp Test: I had a "Borderline Gulp Experience", whatever the hell that means...keep in mind at this point we're getting a bit tipsy.

East Side Bitter: Another orangey beer

I gave it: -1
Blake gave it: 3
Average Score: 1
Notable Points: Tastes almost the same as the Eighty-Five, but not quite as bitter. The aftertaste is sharp but fades quickly. This is most definitely a sippin' beer. Blake interruped my muffled cursing to make this point, "It's still better than the Whitetail or the Eighty-Five, At least it has some flavor".
Gulp Test: Miserably Failed the Gulp test, I almost choked.

Common Ale: A very common Ale

I gave it: 1
Blake gave it: 5
Average Score: 3
Notable Points: Flavored slightly with Grapefruit. Grapefruit is one of those flavors I really don't like in my mouth, like balsa wood, or copper. Thats all I really have to say about that. This beer tastes fine as long as you don't swish it around in your mouth.
Gulp Test: Not too good for gulping.

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