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Sometime in the dark depth of my life I call "High School" I whiled away the time I should have been working, or pondering the great questions of life, by drawing.

I drew up comics that would belittle and demean the teachers and the institution that gave them all jobs.

It started as a way to vent some frustrations associated with being a student of possibly the worst high school in the Midwest.

Later, it became a vehicle for my strange and skewed sense of humor.

I have to give a lot of thanks to Jason Walker, who had been doing comics slightly longer than I had, and gave me the inspiration for many of the comics you are about to see.

Please try not to be offended by the earlier comics...my style of criticism started crudely, but with time and practice, I believe it had matured a lot. And I must state formally that I have nothing against Mexicans, as may be inferred from some of the storylines. Berto was my friend, and we only teased him about it in good fun.

Enough rambling...on with the comics!