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Ever since I upgraded to an Thunderbird Athlon 1400, I've been stuck with this Thermaltake Volcano 6cu+ Heatsink.

Not to say that its a bad heatsink, but that black label Delta 7000 rpm fan is screamingly loud.

Maybe its too little too late, but for the hell of it I took off the 60mm delta and replaced it with a 120mm fan I had laying around.

I don't like how fan's are directly over the core, leaving a big dead spot in the middle (where the damn hot part is!!)

Well, I thought a 120mm would turn slower, be quieter, push more air and have the side effect of cooling the area over the northbridge and the ram.

Its simple, and here it is:

Only one screw will fit right, so I'll need a way to secure the 120 to the Heatsink good, or it will rattle.

Zipties to the Rescue!!

I drilled two holes in the 120mm fan like such:

and mounted it to the shroud with zipties as shown:

I haven't put this in my system yet (I watercool now), but I will sometime soon and will report the temp differences.

Any Questions?, Email me: dave@unixmonkey.net