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I wanted a neat-looking resevoir to go in my main box, CARBOMB. I knew I wanted it to be see-through and cheap, and not be all gaudy with silicone sealant. Well I saw this:

These pics were blatently ripped from this [H]ardOCP thread: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=377723

I knew this would be fun and cheap, and look pretty good, but I had slightly different needs since my pump is a small submersible one, which would have to be indside the res.

So I went to the local hardware store and picked up what I would need:

Some plexi: (enough to cut out two 4" circles) ~$2.50
a 4" pipe coupling: ~$1.50
Plexi cutting knife: ~$2.50 (not necessary if you already have a decent knife for scoring)
2 3/8 in hose barbs: ~$2.10
Sandpaper: I chose 100, 400, and 2000 grit sheets (already had them) ~$7.00
Sealant (I used Amazing Goop) ~$3.00
Screw Tap bit (I used 6-32, the same size as case screws)

On with the construction!

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