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Changing the LED's on your floppy drive.

I was browsing the newsgroup alt.comp.case-mods, and someone asked where he might get someone to sell him floppy drives with blue LEDs that will match the Lian Li and Coolermaster aluminum replacement bezels he got from So-Trick Computers.

I told him that I would do it for him, and he sent me two Teac Floppy drives (as far as I know, only Teac and Mitsumi brand floppy drives will fit the replacement bezels).

This is an extremely easy mod, and thankfully the LEDs on Teac Drives are easy to get to, but what may seem obvious to one person can sometimes be painfully alien to another, so I will do my best to explain everything.

First thing's first. We have to take this thing apart. here's how it goes:

Hold the floppy drive with the front bezel facing right, then gently pry up the top with a small flathead screwdriver at these two points, the top plate should come right off.

Now we'll want to remove the bottom plate to get at the circuitry.

The bottom plate is held on with three screws (I circled them in red), remove these and set them aside carefully. They are tiny, and easy to lose. You'll probably need a pretty small phillips head screwdriver to get them out.
The circuit board is held to the frame with the four screws circled in red, remove these too.

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