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My roommate and I were looking to consoladate our computers to cut down on the noise and electricity, which gave me a chance to lap my celerons.

Celeron Processors have a copper core, but that core is plated in nickel, which is a less conductive metal than Copper.
So we are going to get out the sandpaper and strip off that layer of Nickel so we can have a nice flat, conductive copper core in direct contact with the heatsink.

The sandpapers I will be using are a 320grit and a 2000 grit wet/dry I picked up at Wal-mart.

1000-2000 grit sandpaper can usually be found in the automotive section, since it is most commonly used to clean up auto body scratches or to smooth out a rough layer of paint before adding another coat. Here's a courtesy shot for you.

You'll want to protect your processor from damage, so I wrapped up everything but the core with masking tape.

Then took one of those silver anti-static bags that all kinds of hardware comes in, and tucked the celeron in the corner and cut away excess around the edges and used a hobby knife to carefully cut out a sqare to expose the core.

and again wrapped it all up with masking tape till it looked something like this:

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