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I was at the Wal-Mart buying spray paint (as usual, holy hell I go through a lot of paint), and I saw this over in the car stereo area. It has always been my plan to outfit MACSE with a purple light, and this was readily available and cheap ($16), so even if I screw up I wouldn't be out much and the size is right at 6 inches.

Its made by Studio 54 and comes with both sticky tape, and 2 screws for mounting.

This kit runs off the car's cigarette lighter (12 volts DC), which just so happens to be what computers power supplys also put out.

So it should be as simple as lopping off the car contacts and wiring in a molex connector.
I removed the screw and opened up the car plug.

The blue wire is connecting to the spring in the middle (positive lead), and the black wire is soldered to one of the side clips (negative). I de-soldered both these, and put on molex pins.

Then I popped these in the proper place in the molex mating connector (The Yellow pin, and the black one next to it.)

Well, here's a simple mod if you just want some cheap neon lighting. They come in a decent variety of sizes and colors, and they look really good in the dark. The only downside is that neons are not nearly as bright as cold cathode tubes, but for small spaces or for mixing colors in your case, neons will do just fine.

This is definitly about the easiest thing to do, just lop off the head and wire a new one in.

Any Questions?, Email me: dave@unixmonkey.net